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Faster connectivity for better healthcare

Healthcare networks face mounting pressure to provide security, automation, and near-instant connection speeds. Outpace these demands with a private, cutting-edge communications infrastructure.

Advanced networking for medical facilities

Today’s healthcare environment is more connected than ever, and technology is reshaping the industry. Electronic medical records, imaging data, remote monitoring and telemedicine are some of the driving forces behind the demand for better connectivity. As hospitals, clinics, medical offices and campus facilities turn to innovative applications and emerging technologies their network infrastructures must support unprecedented demand. Bandwidth, performance, privacy and reliability are all must-haves in modern healthcare, even for those in the most remote areas.

Trusted partners in healthcare

Due to the critical nature of their work, healthcare providers need partners they can count on when it comes to infrastructure change. As a trusted partner, we work closely with our customers to build, expand, and maintain networks that meet their needs and compliance requirements. We help direct network initiatives, consult on efficiencies, and overcome the most challenging technology hurdles. MCE offers services that are customized and tailored to the needs of progressive healthcare.

Specialized fiber optics for healthcare

We provide a tailored range of services for healthcare connectivity, including fiber optic network design, engineering, dark fiber sourcing, and leased services. Our expertise extends to project management, maintenance, support, technology consulting, CAN development, and assistance with the Rural Health Care program, ensuring comprehensive and efficient network solutions.


“MCE exceeded our lofty expectations. The new fiber connections empower MCW to better serve not only our faculty, staff, and students but also patients who look to our physicians to care for those closest to them. MCE has tremendously impacted the effectiveness of MCW’s mission by working with us not only as a vendor and a contractor but as a partner.”

David C. Hotchkiss
CIO & Vice President of Information Services
Medical College of Wisconsin

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