Community Area Networks.

Access to fiber optic networks will determine who wins and loses in the future. Bring your community together and position yourself to win. MCE can help you discover how small actions create big changes in your community.

Collaborative, Connected Communities.

Community Area Networks (CANs), connect communities through a robust, shared data network infrastructure data network. With a high-speed, fiber optic backbone, CANs boost community-based services, make the public sector more efficient and stimulate growth in the private sector. The team at MCE has the resources and expertise necessary for educating and empowering forward-thinking communities who need robust, reliable, and affordable network access.

United People. Ignited Network.

People with shared interests and a common vision are at the heart of every successful community area network. Almost every CAN is formed through public and private partnerships, a collaborative leadership model, and a focus on “the public good”. Municipalities, educational institutions, libraries, hospitals, nonprofits and technology providers all come together with the common goal of creating an innovative, future-proof communications network.

Start Small. Grow big.

Community area networks can appear to be daunting undertakings, but they do not have to be expansive and complex to be effective. In fact, most start as small point-to-point networks before scaling up and expanding out to a community-wide endeavor. Every CAN is different and needs to be tailor to the communities budget, performance needs, and overall goals.

Key Benefits Include:


CANs significantly increase bandwidth capacity and enable high-speed, real-time services.  Even for those in rural and underserved communities.

Cost Savings

Minimized on-going costs, inexpensive upgrades and increased productivity are just a few cost saving features. Often times, ROI is enjoyed in 5 years or less.


Collaborative tools are resource intensive. Fiber optic based CANs provide a way to bring these tools to a collaborative platform, regardless of geography.


CANs help reduce redundant purchase. Servers, data storage, software, applications and more, can all be shared across the network.


Take charge and control your network infrastructure. CANs allow you to centralize servers, keep pace with tech change, expand and scale as you see fit.


Fiber based CANs provide the most secure connection for your data and allow for diversified disaster recovery and other effective tactics for mitigating downtime.

Our Process

CAN Development Phases.

Our process for building fiber optic networks and CANs is broken into three phases. We help guide our customers through each phase and every step.


Discovery, Feasibility & Needs Assessments

During the initial phases we help kick-start the conversation with key stakeholders, guiding them through feasibility studies, needs assessments, and goal creation.

Aligning Leadership & Consensus Building

During this phase support is gathered and traction is gained. Through regular meetings, we’ll advise you on spreading the word throughout your community, coordinating budgets, legal reviews and more.

Installation, Maintenance & Long-term Support

With a collective vision, we move forward with designing and engineering plans, obtaining necessary permits, and facilitating the bidding process for labor and material vendors. Once the proper teams and resources are in place, we’ll manage the installation, and protect the network—post install— with coordinated maintenance and long-term support.

We’re Ready When You Are.

When you partner with MCE, you get our dedication and commitment to delivering solutions that are right for your business. Contact us today to get started.

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