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Crafting the future of accessible technology

MCE stands at the forefront of innovative and accessible technology solutions. Explore our services and see how we drive connectivity and operational efficiency for businesses and communities.

Leading with the best fiber optic solutions

MCE is dedicated to Designing Digital Equity with advanced connectivity solutions, including best-in-class fiber optics services. We are reshaping communication in businesses and communities, fostering enhanced collaboration and a more connected future.

Industry-leading expertise

MCE has a deep understanding of the specific challenges and goals unique to various industries, including K-12 school districts, higher education, municipalities, healthcare, and private enterprises. As a dependable partner, we assist our clients in these sectors by guiding their IT investments towards solutions that create lasting value, improve efficiency, and set them up for future growth.

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Customized connectivity for every scale and scope

Benefit from over a century of collective experience with MCE. Our expertise in fiber optic network design and engineering, community area network development, and technology consulting ensures your projects, regardless of size or complexity, receive the attention and skill they deserve. Whether it’s a single block or an expansive 100 square miles, we’re dedicated to getting you connected effectively.

Fiber Optic Networks

Nothing is faster or safer than fiber optic networks; all data will eventually travel across one. Owning your own powerful fiber optic network is easier than you think. We’ll walk you through every step, from discovery meetings to post-installation support.

Community Area Networks

Bring your community together by investing in a shared infrastructure that unites and fosters growth. It’s about the people, shared interests, and diverse dreams and goals. We are here to assist in the design, development, and growth of your community area network every step of the way.

Fiber to the Home (FTTH)

Fiber to the Home transcends standard connectivity, embodying MCE’s commitment to excellence. With tailored FTTH solutions, we cater to network operators and ISPs seeking unparalleled speed and reliability. Explore our expertise in revolutionizing network infrastructure.

Technology Consulting

Fiber optics is just the beginning. We have specialists ready to help you with VoIP network consulting, interior cabling consulting, project-specific permitting preparation, network troubleshooting and testing, and more.

We’re ready when you are

When you partner with MCE, you get our dedication and commitment to delivering solutions that are right for your business. Contact us today to get started.